TF1 CoverWho is the Fierce One? Who is the enigmatic Chairman of the Bones, (Officially a Communist Party known as the “Revolutionary Brotherhood Organization”), one of America’s most profitable and powerful street gangs? Does he even exist? Emilio Ocampo would sure like to find out.

After being found out as a police infiltrator and nearly killed, Emilio sets off on a quest to expose the man he knows to be Vice Chairman of the Bones, and perhaps even the Fierce One himself. But there’s a big problem, that man is Joe Marshall, brother of famous rapper Alabasta Gangsta. Who is going to believe the brother of such a famous person, who has reaped the benefits of capitalism more than most, to be the boss of a Communist organization?

How will Emilio bring Joe Marshall down? Will he even survive long enough to see it happen, and last, but certainly not least, who is the Fierce One?